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Dear Designer,

As a creative in business, we often find ourselves in the amusing but very serious situation between your client aspirations and budget realities. Personally, I call it the “Benz dreams” on a “Keke” (Tricyle) budget – a scenario I believe we all can relate to. No matter how funny sometimes it sounds, it’s equally enlightening.

I had a prospective client who wanted a website that could compete with the likes of Jumia but didn’t have the budget for it. Personally, I found that unrealistic and irrational. You are going to people with strong opinions about their ideas. Your job as an expert is to help make those dreams come alive by giving honest feedback about what’s possible. For now, we are still unable to build castles in the air. Good idea but not realistic.

Like any craft or profession, expertise is built with time. Good design is more than just a Fancy look and bright colors; it’s a delicate blend of creativity, strategy, and experience. Real truth, creativity, and strategy can be copied or imitated but what experience is like fine wine, it gets better with time (PS this is only true for those who apply themselves to learning and improving). Experience is only useful with knowledge applied. So every project you jump on benefits from the lessons learnt from previous wins and failures. It’s always important to communicate your value upfront.

The Truth About Cost of Design

Let’s face it – good design isn’t cheap. Yes, it is funny and in a sense aspiration for wanting to create a “Benz” dream with a “Keke” budget. A classic case of starting with what you have (lean innovation). However in reality we can all agree that creating something astounding requires a fair investment. Many times, pricing is a dance of compromise, where clients and creators (you) find common ground to bring visions or ideas to life. Regardless, it is important to note that ideas don’t pay your bills, money does.

Embrace Realities and Set Expectations

In design, a good sense of humor, and the ability to learn and adapt go hand in hand. Your client’s ambitious dreams are the substance of their aspiration, while our role is to bring in the magic like Dr. Strange by bridging the gap between aspiration and reality. Communicating is key – educate your clients about the intricacies of their dreams and the possibility of actualization in your hands. You hold the magic.

Our experiences shape our expertise, our view of the world fuels our resilience, and our ability to communicate bridges the gap between dreams and reality. Remember to always negotiate 🚀💡💸 for you, because you make dreams come alive. Till next time, keep changing the world one design at a time.

See you soon.


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